What is this?

This is a web log in comic form of my adventures in acclimation to a world without ice.

Who are you?

My name is Penguin. Once I lived on the ice, but now it is gone.

Penguins belong in the wild. Go back to Antarctica!

I wish I could, but it’s gone, so here I am.

When did this happen?

I guess it was pretty gradual. I didn’t really notice. There was so much ice. But it’s all gone now.

Where are you now?

I’m in the west trying to fit in.

Who else is involved?

I often write about friends, acquaintance and fish. The most interesting ones are featured here.


This is me. I miss my homeland. I'm up for the challenge of adapting to western life, even though western life is confusing.

Comics: 172
Recent Appearance: Minecraft
First Appearance: I love bookstores, but I hate to read

Angry Egg

Facing a screwed up world, Angry Egg is unwilling to hatch.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: Climbing gear
First Appearance: Angry Egg


Tip is a young penguin with secret superhero powers. Sometimes these new world pressures are too much to bear; that's when I look to Tip for inspiration.

Comics: 39
Recent Appearance: Email
First Appearance: Mustaches


Good ol Chuck. What can be said about a beer loving woodchuck? How much beer would a woodchuck chug if a woodchuck could chug beer?

Comics: 32
Recent Appearance: Minecraft
First Appearance: Ache of absurdity


Beet is my home. A VW Westfalia camper van.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Jerkstore
First Appearance: Mustaches


In Antarctica fish were plentiful and healthy. Now that fish are few and full of mercury I've adopted more of a western diet.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Tofish
First Appearance: Mustaches

Grumpy Old Dude

The grumpy dude just happens to be physically old. But his spirit is ageless.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Gallery opening
First Appearance: Profit detector


Working hard at redirecting work away from her, the bureaucrat has made me question the social contract many times.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Gallery opening
First Appearance: I.C.E.

Bruce the no vegan zombie

I have no idea where Bruce came from, but he is clearly missing his arms.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: True friends won't mess up your vacation
First Appearance: Health insurance

Ruby the robot

Ruby has an advanced Artificial Intelligence. Not sure what Ruby is up to. I prefer to call Ruby, robot number 9.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Media control
First Appearance: Employee 1984


Have you ever noticed that authority figures all look the same? I can't tell the difference. And I don't know why they hassle me so much!

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Welcome to Canada
First Appearance: Budget Restrictions

HR manager

This is the guy who writes witlessly and never tires of cliches. Sorting through their requirements is mind numbing.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Gallery opening
First Appearance: Change agent


Dig brewed java, and love a friendly barista.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Gallery opening
First Appearance: Local coffee


So confusing. I'm still not sure if it's Joe or Joel.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Gallery opening
First Appearance: Joe_l

Vegan Yogi

The uniquely typical vegan yoga instructor. Teaches yoga and works at the local vegan restaurant on the side.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: French press
First Appearance: Vegan Inspection


I am not fond of doctors.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Relax
First Appearance: Reduce your stress, here is your bill

Robot Nib

Proves that robots are only as smart as their programming.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Media control
First Appearance: Offshoring


You know Dick. The guy who pushes his weight around for no reason at all. Compensating for something. That's Dick.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Coffee stain


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Paper or plastic

Fairy Tale Princess

Lives the Happily Ever After lifestyle.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Happily ever after

Mr. Abernathy

Visit the home of Mr. Abernathy at http://theoldcodgers.com/

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: TheOldCodgers.com #5thPanelGuest @tonymcgurk1

Tank Monkey

My friend Tank Monkey lives at http://tankmonkeycomic.com/ . He drives a tank!

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: TankMonkeyComic.com #5thPanelGuest @jessekiefer

Blyat the Zombie

Visit http://zombieoakscomic.com/ for the home of Blyat. Not to be confused with Bruce the no vegan zombie.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Zombie Oaks Comic fifth panel guest @ZombieOaks #5thPanelGuest

Belfry from Vinnie the Vampire

Visit http://vinniethevampire.com to see my friend Belfry.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Vinnie the Vampire MacGuyver Moment-Fan art


Penguins can't fly any other way. Besides, Batman has his own jet.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Penguins do not fly


Hipsters are quite deep.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Phipster


Quick to anger, David is a builder with a world caving in around him.

Comics: 1
Recent Appearance: Tourists
First Appearance: Late for yoga


They really can deliver anywhere.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Drone delivery